There is always hope

These are very serious times. I’m so proud of Cordovans focusing on social distancing—and helping each other to stay well and safe by staying at home. We have marvelous medical, emergency, and essential workers. We will get through this! This beautiful spring weather with the sun and the eagles flying is really helping me. I find extra joy in the raven and crow shenanigans. And as I walk or bike around town for exercise—I see new views of our gorgeous snow covered mountains and appreciate the smell of the sea—and fresh air after a little rain. I find I’m calling friends new and old–delighting in the sounds of their voices.

Our lives have changed so much in these last few weeks. What will our future be? Sometimes we need to read between the lines to see the good coming out of tragedies; to see the blessings coming out of the ashes. Have you noticed that we bless others as we help them and they bless us as we help them? The time is coming when we are called to share even more–both here and around the world. Cordova is a place where there are many, many wonderful people–and wonderful things are happening and will continue to happen. We are leaders! Right now we need to choose life—choosing to keep everyone healthy.

Let’s pray together… Your prayer might be the one that makes the difference! I love these words from Isaiah, “My house shall be a house of prayer for all Nations.“ Prayer changes us to be people filled with love and energy, confidence, courage, strength and peace… People that help, listen and learn from others… People that care for each other deeply… People that work together for creative solutions to everyday—as well bigger problems—like keeping everyone hale and hearty! We might have a fishing season. But most importantly we want all our Cordova friends to live for another day, another month, another time—when we can all be together.

I’m looking forward to this year’s Holy Week as we from a distance–pray together, sing together, and wait anxiously in the Christian tradition for word on Easter morning that “Jesus is alive, He is risen!” It’s a sign for all of us in all of our traditions to start a new life, a new beginning—that leads to hope, prayer, peace and love singing in our hearts—and in the world!

Join us at St. George’s Episcopal—for prayer, for singing, and for Holy Week services and activities over the internet.

Good Friday Service April 10 7 pm
Songs, Prayers and Reading of the Passion Story

Join Zoom Good Friday Service

Meeting ID: 219 632 202

Easter Sunday April 12 10:30 am
Easter Music, Morning Prayer, and Sermon by the Rev. Belle Mickelson
Sharing afterwards of Easter Art, Eggs, Stories, Dress, and Food—all virtually!

So this is the link for Easter Service

Meeting ID: 427 807 416

The Rev. Belle Mickelson is the priest at St. George’s Episcopal and

and director of Dancing with the Spirit, a program to teach guitar and fiddle in the villages.

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