Message to St. George’s from Rev. Trimble Gilbert

This week (April 2, 2020) we at St. George’s and all of Cordova received a wonderful giftan audio recording–a message of encouragement with stories, prayers, and blessings from the Rev. Dr. Trimble Gilbert from Arctic Village. Trimble is 84 years young and lives with his wife Mary in the land where he grew up. Hunting and fishing, spending time with his family, traveling by dog team–was his schooling. His dad was an Episcopal priest, too. Trimble plays fiddle and guitar and he and his wife still speak their first language–Gwich’in. I hope you will be able to gather this week with your household family and take time to listen to this 49 minute recording of wisdom from the land–recorded by Dustin Solberg and his son Peter.
Here’s a picture of the Rev. Dr. Trimble Gilbert and two musician friends at St. Stephen’s Church in Fort Yukon.

Trimble and Young Musicians

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