St. George’s Episcopal Church, Box 849, Cordova, Alaska 99574

Red Dragon phone  907-424-7362

Physical address: 100 Lake Avenue, on the corner of 2nd and Lake Avenues

RECTOR: The Rev. Belle Mickelson, Box 1362, Cordova, Alaska 99574

907-424-5143 home: 907-388-3347 cell

The first church services of St. George’s Episcopal Mission were held in the Red Dragon Reading Room, built in 1908. The altar was stored in the Dragon’s rafters between services so that the Red Dragon could more effectively serve Cordovans as a reading and game room, and for many other community activities. St. George’s Church was completed in 1919.

Vestry Members:  Seawan Gehlbach, Senior Warden; Cece Wiese, Junior Warden and Scheduler for use of the Red Dragon; Joy Rawlins, Lynn Hopkins, Barclay Kopchak, Kris Kokborg, Dustin Solberg, and Cristina Vican.

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