Coming VERY soon: NEW ROOF!

This tired moss-grown roof, last replaced in 1982, will soon be gone.

As of July 12, 2022…. one side is replaced and the contractors are moving right along on the other side!!!

Late breaking news – June 20!!!

Thank you – Quyanaq – Awa’ahdah to the Rasmuson Foundation for their $25,000 grant award to this project. We just got word today from them and are thrilled, particularly since additional expenses have already cropped up… we’re very excited to finally see a successful end to this roof replacement happening this month.

June 19, 2022

Our contractor is Wolverine Supply, Inc. and their crew of five will arrive in Cordova about June 23 to begin removing this tired old roof and replacing it with new plywood and cedar shingles. The shingles are coming from Ecoshel, a company that makes pre-assembled shingle panels which significantly reduce the installation time. That will make a big difference for the limited “good weather” periods we often experience here in Cordova!

It’s been extremely challenging to find a contractor and to get the supplies to Cordova needed for this job. Thanks to the support of so many individuals and groups, as well as a few grants and support from the Alaska Office of History & Archeology and the National Park Service, we are close to having enough funds to pay for it all. As with any construction project, however, there may be some surprises requiring yet more money.

Here are some of the supplies we’ve purchased in preparation for this project! We started almost six years ago, but the Covid pandemic definitely slowed our progress.

We welcome additional donations! See below.

We remain hopeful that all the pieces will fall into place for this jigsaw puzzle … and by mid-July, we want to share a beautiful new roof and steeple on historic St. George’s Episcopal Church.

Check back here every few days for updates on the project as it proceeds! We want to share our success with you. Thank you again for your past and ongoing support!

Donation in support of the new roof

We thank you for your donation of any amount! If you use Paypal here to contribute, please choose the number of $20 donations you wish to make (each “item” is a $20 donation). You may also mail a check directly to St. George’s Church, PO Box 849, Cordova, AK 99574. THANK YOU very much for your support.


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