October 16th update


Hi everyone!

We had a fine St. Francis Feast Day Celebration with one lively dog, a plastic cow, a toy snake , a teddy bear–and the names of more rambunctious pets blessed from afar!  Plus we collected some money for those in need which Kay will be sending to the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund for those experiencing wildfires and recovering from hurricanes.
Youth Group is on Tuesday this week meeting at 6 pm at Matt and Kristel’s house for a movie night–Hacksaw, a war movie, so there is some violence…  Finger foods for dinner.   Matt’s number is 423-284-3347.   Usually Youth Group meets on Monday night at the Red Dragon from 5:30-7 pm.
My son Mike and I are leaving on Tuesday for Hawaii (Oahu) for a family wedding (my niece) and 2 additional weeks of vacation time.   We will be back Friday Nov.. 10th–just in time for the Native Village of Eyak’s Sobriety Celebration and a square dance on Saturday night the 11th.  And we just learned there is a bluegrass festival on Oahu while we are there!  I will have phone and internet–but I’m not taking my computer, so I’m not planning to put out my weekly email newsletter.
Barclay Kopchak will be leading Morning Prayer Oct. 22nd; Annette Janka will be taking Oct. 29th with special music that she is preparing for the Lutheran Deaconess Committee.  We still need someone to take Nov. 5th, All Saint’s Sunday.  I really like that St. George’s is a “team church” giving everyone a chance to lead the service, play music, lead Godly Play, help with building and grounds maintenance–or just come to church encouraging us all and helping the community with prayers and helpful actions all week!
Devotions is on Wednesday at 7 pm at the church with 20 minutes of quiet time and then sharing…

The Youth Group did an excellent job last Monday of hauling the driveway brush pile to the dump–and moving gravel and digging a trench so the water would drain and prevent water in our beautiful new Sunday School room.   Thanks Rich Rogers for guiding us on what to do!
Still to do:
1. Two more brush piles behind the Red Dragon – some even over the edge of RD yard that need to be hauled to the burn pile.
2. the front porch church light needs to be replaced (We have a bulb inside the church door under one of the tables.  It just requires someone getting up on a ladder)
3. netting placed on the front stairs. (Nancy Bird said she would do this)
4. Metal sign below the church along 2nd Ave. fell down in one of the latest storms.
5. Putting up our new Historical signs (check with Nancy Bird on this.)
6. Dirt pile spread over the gravel by the church so it will reseed.
7. Foam in windows at church and Red Dragon–and cellophane over church windows..
Let Cece Wiese 424-3667 know if you can help with any of these projects!!
Love and blessings,
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