October 14, 2017

Hi everyone…

I know our hearts and prayers are going out to people in California with the wildfires–and Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Las Vegas–as they and others in our southern states recover from hurricanes and tragedies.   At St. George’s this Sunday, we will be taking up a special collection for the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund to help on these issues–and redoubling and praying for peace here and around the world.

One web site you might be interested in is 20forme/20forus.org put together by one of my friend’s daughters.  Aurora Bowers encourages us to every day take 20 minutes to exercise, read a book, do something we want to do–and spend 20 minutes helping to make the world a better place–showing that love can conquer hate.  As an Episcopal priest, I cannot endorse candidates–but I can take a stand for social justice issues.  And I really like the idea of all of us taking a little time every day for helping ourselves stay strong, healthy, and renewed–and a little time for working on the issues we care about.   The prophet Amos talked about this (Amos 5:24Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an overflowing stream.   

Two Alaskan issues that are heating up right now are the Pepple Mine Proposal in Bristol Bay–and drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Range.  Here are a couple articles:

Public Comment Information on the Pebble Mine due Tues Oct. 17 For more information, including the pre-publication Federal Register Notice announcing this public comment period, visit: https://www.epa.gov/bristolbay.

And an article by Jason Metrokin, president and CEO of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation…

Wrong Mine, Wrong Place – Pebble risks American jobs‎


Gwich’in Gear Up to Fight for Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Gwitch’in Steering Committee


THIS SUNDAY at St. George’s, CHURCH begins at 10:30 am.  We are celebrating St. Francis Day and Blessing Animals.  Christina Vican will be leading the children in Godly Play about St. Francis.    I’ll be preaching on Matthew 11:25-30 the beauty of our earth–and protecting it!   Bring your pets (Teddy Bears or the polite variety) to church–or fetch them right after the service for outdoor blessings.   Musicians come early at 10 am to practice.   Check out our web pages at http://www.cordovaepiscopal.org and http://www.reddragoncordova.org


I’ve included pictures from last week’s trip to Unalakleet led by Dancing with the Spirit’s Josephine Malemute and Rion Schmidt.  As of this week–we’re now have been to 44 villages!!   www.dancingwiththespirit.org

Today (Saturday) Perkins Auto is having an JUST ASK JASON DAY from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm where you can ask Jason car repair questions for free…

Today (Saturday) there is a WINTER CLOTHES GIVEAWAY at the Catholic Church from 10 am to noon.

HOMEPORT is open on Sat. nights from 7-10 pm with great cups of coffee, desserts, free wi-fi, board games!!   Enter at the side door below the Cordova Community Baptist Church.

Youth Group for 6th-12th graders with leaders Matt and Kristel Rush usually meets Monday at 5:30-7 pm at the Red Dragon–BUT THIS WEEK WILL BE MEETING ON TUESDAY at the Rush’s house for MOVIE NIGHT with finger foods!  The movie is called Hacksaw Ridge, a war movie, so there is some violence.  Call Matt at 423-284-3347 for more info  Let Matt know if you want to provide dinner any week.


7:00pm @ U.S. Forest Service Building

Aleutian Voyage on Sailboat “Seal”

By Hamish and Kate Laird, S/V Seal


Devotions Wed. 7 pm St. George’s Church

Come enjoy a quiet time of meditation and listening to God by candlelight–and then sharing quietly with others…  Listen and pray wherever you are….

FiRE HALL OPEN HOUSE Wed. OCT. 18 from 1-6 pm.  Lots of freebies, blood pressure checks and more…

COMMUNITY SMOKED SEAFOOD WORKSHOP Oct. 19-20.  Call Torie Baker at the Marine Advisory Program for more info at 424-7542

GREAT PUMPKIN EVENT at BIDARKi Friday Oct, 20th 5:30-7:30 pm.  Join them for this fun pumpkin carving (and more!) event that will support repairs at Skater’s Cabin.  $20 for a large pumpkin; $10 for a small one…

KNIT AND LIT Event 7 pm Tuesday Oct. 24th at the Cordova Public Library.  Come with your knitting….


End of fishing season FOOD DRIVE!

Help Cordovans in need by donating your canned goods, non-perishable and frozen items!

Drop food off at the Little Chapel’s upstairs entrance on Lake Avenue or at the Native Village of Eyak’s office in the New Harbor.

The Native Village of Eyak (424-7738) is a food pantry for the Food Bank of Alaska and the Little Chapel (424-3629) is part of the Salvation Army Extension Service with food available from 10 am-2 pm the 2nd and 4th Saturdays.  Call them in the case of food emergencies between those times.

Karl Becker ART SHOW in Anchorage

It’s at the Side Street Espresso café downtown, on G Street between 4th and 5th avenue in October.  I got to see it–and it’s wonderful!

DAVID ROSENTHAL KATMAI ART SHOW at the Cordova Center Copper River Gallery

SALVATION ARMY EXTENSION SERVICES are being administrated by and food distribution is taking place at The Little Chapel.  People needing assistance can pick up food on the 2nd and 4th Saturday 10 am to 2 pm at The Little Chapel.  In a food emergency between those times. call the Little Chapel at 424-3629.


  • October 14 – Ask Jason Day at Perkins Auto, PW Marina Rd – 9:30am-12:30pm.
  • Oct 18 – City Council, Community Rooms A&B – 7pm
  • Oct 19-20 – Sea Grant Meetings, Cordova Center
  • Oct 20 – Movie TBA Cordova Arts & Pageants, North Star Theater – 7pm
  • Oct 27 – Harry Potter’s World Opening Reception, Copper River Gallery – 5pm
  • Oct 27 – Movie “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” by Cordova Public Library, North Star Theater – 7pm
  • Oct 28 – Harry Potter Movie Marathon at North Star Theater
    • 11am Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    • 2pm Prisoner of Azkaban
    • 5pm Goblet of Fire
    • 8pm Order of the Phoenix
  • Oct 29 – Harry Potter Movie Marathon continued at North Star Theater
    • 1pm Half Blood Prince
    • 4pm Deathly Hallows Part 1
    • 7pm Deathly Hallows Part 2
  • Oct 31 – Cordova Public Library Trick or Treat for Booooks, Education Room – 5pm
  • Nov 1 – City Council, Community Rooms A&B – 7pm
  • Nov 4 – Movie TBA by CHS Tech Club, North Star Theater – 3&7 pm
  • Nov 4 – Cordova Historical Society Golden Anniversary Reception, Copper River Gallery 8-10pm
  • Nov 5-6 – Special Election, Community Room A – 8am-5pm
  • Nov 10 – Eyak Corporation Shareholder Meeting, Cordova Center – 4-6pm
  • Nov 14-17 – Prince William Sound Science Center meetings, Cordova Center 8am-5pm
  • Nov 15 – City Council, Community Rooms A&B – 7pm
  • Nov 15 – Cordova Arts presents Grammy-winning band “La Santa Cecilia” in Concert, North Star Theater – 7pm
  • Nov 24-25 – Current Rhythms presents “The Nutcracker”, North Star Theater – 7pm
  • Nov 30 – Winter White Opening & Reception, Copper River Gallery – 5-7pm


Recycle your Fishing Web
Fishing web can be dropped off at the Cordova City Baler in the fishing web recycling container.

Please remove any non-nylon material (remove cork and lead line).

TO JOIN THE Recycling Action TEAM Call Shae Bowman 424-3334 or email shae@copperriver.org


LEAD ACID BATTERY RECYCLING behind NVE building.  Small batteries can be recycled at the PO–along with aluminum cans.

ILANKA Health Center offers 2 free appointments for those ready to do something about their addictions to drugs and/or alcohol.  Call 424-3622.

ALSO A REMINDER THAT IT’S TIME TO RENEW MEDIVAC INSURANCE–$125 for a household.   http://www.apollomt.com or call 888-457-1711

GET IN SHAPE at Bidarki, our saltwater pool–or at the Masonic Temple weight room which is open 24 hours (check out the key from the police department).

There are some Tai Chi classes on Tues., Thurs, and Sat. at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall from 1 to 1:30 pm.

CURRENT RHYTHMS teaches Yoga and Dance Classes.  THEY ARE CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF TEACHING DANCE IN CORDOVA!   Call 424-3632 to sign up for classes–or just come!

CORDOVA GEAR is having a BACK to SCHOOL Sale–and they also now rent BIKES!  Yeah!  www.cordovagear.com   429-5590

Bryan and Bree Mills are planning to adopt a child–and he is offering his services as a computer expert in return for donations to help with their adoption costs…  Email Bryan at <bryanmills84@gmail.com>

The City of Cordova has an email newsletter, The CORDOVA CONVERSATION.  The Conversation is published every Monday, and is designed to be a short, informative digest of issues relevant to most Cordovans. To sign up for this free publication,  simply go to the city’s home page at www.cityofcordova.net, scroll down to the “Bulletin Board” and click on the “Stay up on News from City Hall.”  That will take you to the sign- up sheet.

Love and blessings,



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