March 14, 2020

Hi everyone…

I hope you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather… It’s so important for us to stay healthy, eat well, get exercise, take walks outside, stay in touch with friends, check on elders–and pray lots!

Due to this health crisis and the need for social distancing, we are not having a formal service or Godly Play tomorrow–but will have the church open from 10 am to 7 pm and the heat on for prayer and meditation. Our lectionary sheets will be available for studying the Bible readings and there will be copies of my sermon (which I’ll email later). I’m reminded of one of the best sermons I ever heard which was during snowpocalpse when as the only person at church–I just sat and listened.

I’m so missing church and gathering together–but am grateful for the many times we have been together–and am looking forward to many great times in the future. I’ve included some pictures of last summer’s Vacation Bible School which is scheduled for July 4-11 this year.


I hope we will all find new ways to connect with God and deepen our faith as we pray and meditate by ourselves and with our families, tell stories, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, watch movies, check out books (including the Bible!) and view church resources on the web. God is always looking for us–so look forward to some wonderful surprises in the coming weeks.. Here are some on line options for church tomorrow.

7:15 am Alaska time, our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will be preaching at an on-line service at the National Cathedral and Dean Hollerith will be presiding There is also an excellent perspective on this crisis in a short video by Dean Hollerith–and lots of sermons from the past weeks and years. The Presiding Bishop’s service will be posted later for those who are not up so early!

9 am Alaska time, Live Stream Service from St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church’s Facebook page St. Gregory’s is in San Francisco and usually has a wonderful dance tradition as part of their service–though this one will be streamed with only the church leaders

10 am Alaska time, Live Stream from Anchorage’s St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Facebook page

There are also resources on the National Episcopal Church Web Page apps://

For children, check out the Godly Play Foundation and many Godly Play lessons on Utube.

My favorite recent Facebook post was by Cordovan Bryan Mills:
After watching Evie run up and hug three different friends in ten minutes.

Me: “Hey, kiddo… so you might begin hearing doctors talking about a concept called ‘social distancing,’ and I think maybe it’s a good idea to—“

Evie: “Whoa whoa whoa I don’t like the sound of that.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Evie: “Well, social means being together. And distancing means staying apart. That doesn’t work for me.”

This poor kiddo is going to have a rough few weeks I think.

St. Gregory’s had some good information on talking to kids about the Corona Virus. There are so many resources out there about what to do in the pandemic – everything from hand washing to how to navigate an airport. One thing that may be helpful are resources for talking to younger people about COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus outbreak. Here are a few:

Information from the Center for Disease Control about helping children cope with a crisis .

Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus: Kids worry more when they’re kept in the dark .

How to have a panic-free conversation with your kids about the coronavirus.

Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus .

PRAYERS ARE NEEDED for those who have the Corona Virus and other diseases, their caretakers and doctors and nurses and hospital workers–plus those whose jobs are impacted, and people, especially children, whose food and housing needs are stressed. And on the St. George’s list, please pray for healing for George Heffner, Mark, Marvin Thurman, Heidi, Hannah, Alfredo, Ampy’s sister, Samuel Luke, Patrick Ward—and all their families and friends. And also for me. I did manage to get some form of respiratory illness–but as always, I’m available for prayers by phone. Headed out now for a little walk. That sunshine is wonderful!


Much love and many blessings,

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